September. National Suicide Awareness Month.

September. National Suicide Awareness Month.
September 26. National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day.
Join in the nationwide mission this month – #Bethe1to
Over the past year, BtBF has been called on for guidance and support four times when an agency lost an officer to suicide – that’s twice as often as our responses to department-declared Line of Duty Death during the same timeframe. While we do not share publicly our responses to every call for assistance from an agency or family in need, we do believe it important, during National Suicide Awareness Month, to speak out about the need for support of families and agencies who lose an officer to a death by suicide – and to highlight resources available for prevention and awareness.
There are two resources we want to highlight this month for our  Suicide Survivors.
Survivors of Blue Suicide (SBS) Foundation’s mission is to foster hope by uniting survivors of law enforcement suicide to support one another and honor our fallen heroes.

Blue H.E.L.P.
Honoring the Service of Law Enforcement Officers Who Died by Suicide

Offering comfort and honor to the families who have lost an officer to suicide is necessary to maintain the credibility of the thin blue line. All officers, regardless of method of death, deserve thanks; all families deserve your support.