Roll Call of Honor

Whittier, Marshal Edward F.

End of Watch: 10/09/1888

Agency: Cheney Police Department

County: Spokane County

On Tuesday October 9, 1888, Cheney’s Marshal Edward Whittier was driving a horse and buggy from Cheney to the county jail in Spokane Falls with one prisoner aboard when he was involved in an accident.

During the trip, Marshal Whittier turned his buggy off the roadway to allow another buggy to pass.  As he pulled to the side of the road, one of the wheels struck loose rock that had been blasted recently during railroad construction.

The horses pulling the buggy began to lose their footing and were spooked, so they tried to run away.  The horses pulled the buggy into a railroad trestle, causing the buggy to overturn.

Both Marshal Whittier and the prisoner were thrown from the buggy to the ground.  Marshal Whittier suffered a skull fracture and died at the scene.  The prisoner walked four miles into town to get help.

Marshal Whittier served the Cheney Police Department as Marshal for 14 months and had previously served as Sheriff of Spokane County for two years.

He is survived by his parents and brother.

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