Roll Call of Honor

Sahota, Officer Donald

End of Watch: 01/29/2022

Agency: Vancouver Police Department

County: Clark County

Officer Don Sahota was shot and killed after a robbery suspect fleeing law enforcement ended up outside his home.

On January 29th, 2022, law enforcement agencies local to the Sahota home were involved in a vehicle pursuit with an armed robbery suspect.  As the vehicle pursuit ended on a dark country road that led to Officer Sahota’s neighborhood, the suspect continued to flee on foot.  The suspect was confronted by Officer Sahota in the front yard of his home, while his wife, who was inside the home, called 911 to report the situation.  The suspect and Officer Sahota, who identified himself as a police officer, became engaged in a physical fight in front of the residence.  During the struggle, the suspect stabbed Officer Sahota multiple times and was able to flee into the house.  Inside the home, the suspect attempted to grab Officer Sahota’s wife, and she sustained minor injuries evading his grasp.  Outside, pursuing law enforcement officers arrived on scene as Officer Sahota ran towards the house after the suspect.  An arriving deputy mistook Officer Sahota for the suspect, seeing the gun he held as he ran towards the door of his home.  The deputy, believing the suspect was about to enter the home, fired multiple times, striking Officer Sahota.  Officer Sahota died at the scene.  The suspect was charged with multiple felonies, including Murder 1 and Kidnapping 1.

Officer Sahota served the Vancouver Police Department for nearly 8 years and was assigned to the training division.  Prior to VPD, Officer Sahota served with the Port of Portland and Gresham Police Departments in Oregon.  His law enforcement service totaled 28 years and included time in SWAT, EVOC, detectives, air support, armorer and training.  He was devoted to his family and spent time with them doing many activities, traveling, coaching and volunteering.

Officer Sahota was survived by his wife, 21-year-old daughter, 17-year-old son, mother, brother and many more family and friends.

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