Roll Call of Honor

Rogers, Agent Vernon D.

End of Watch: 09/08/1965

Agency: U.S. Bureau of A.T.F.

County: Clallam County

Investigator Vernon Rogers died from injuries he received in an automobile accident on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. He was en route to Port Angeles to investigate the reported sale of non-tax-paid, illegal Japanese whiskey from a ship in port at the time. The accident occurred while Investigator Rogers was driving across Morse Creek Bridge. A logging truck’s trail wheels were not tracking directly behind the truck and when crossing the bridge, they tracked over the bridge railing, twisting and breaking the tongue hitch. The broken tongue pierced the front of his vehicle, carried through the vehicle and through the torso of Investigator Rogers. He was transported to a local hospital and died as they were attempting to insert a breathing tube.

Investigator Rogers was a U.S. Marie Corp veteran who served in WWII. He was also a U.S. Army veteran. He served with the IRS for 22 years.

Investigator Rogers is survived by his wife and two children.

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