Roll Call of Honor

Liedloff, Inspector Frank

End of Watch: 09/21/1936

Agency: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

County: Snohomish County

On Monday, September 21, 1936 at about 0530 hours, Inspector Frank Liedloff of the Washington Department of Fisheries drowned in the Snohomish River as he searched for illegal gill nets.

The incident occurred in a spot about two miles south of Snohomish.  Inspector Liedloff and his partner were in a boat when their drag-line became snagged as they dragged for gill nets.  As they tried to clear the snag, the boat overturned and capsized.  Inspector Liedloff was wearing hip boots and a heavy sheepskin coat.  The weight of his clothing prevented him from swimming to shore.  The other inspector was able to safely swim to shore.

Inspector Liedloff’s body was located in about ten feet of water about three hours later.

Inspector Liedloff served the Washington Department of Fisheries for 4 years. He is survived by his mother, two brothers and four sisters.

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