Roll Call of Honor

Lathrop, Deputy Charles

End of Watch: 04/16/1913

Agency: Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department

County: Grays Harbor County

Deputized Civilian Charles Lathrop and Deputized Citizen Lewis Blair  were shot and killed while attempting to arrest the murderer of Deputies Colin M’Kenzie and Albert Elmer. Deputy M’Kenzie and Deputy Elmer were shot and killed 13 months earlier while attempting to arrest a man in connection with the murder of his nephews.

In April of 1913 the man ambushed the posse that had information he was in a cabin in the Satsp/Wynoochee Valley area. As the posse approached the cabin the suspect opened fire from the woods, killing Deputized Civilians Blair and Lanthrop. Other posse members returned fire and killed the suspect.

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