Our Thin Lines Unvarnished: True Stories From Those Who Served

Resource Type: Book

Our Thin Lines, rather than being written on purpose, evolved from a process of meeting, and sharing. The genesis was when a couple of us who worked homicide together years ago started meeting with former Prosecuting Attorney Dennis Hunter. The meetings were intended to begin to prepare for trial on a case we worked together nearly forty years ago. Details of this cold case are included in a later chapter. During the course of meeting we naturally traded memories of other characters and events and that led to inviting others to meet and share. We started a Facebook Group and asked others to share memories from our service years spanning generally 1970 to 2000 in Southwest Washington Law Enforcement, 911 and Corrections. That group quickly grew to nearly 60 members. And the stories quickly grew to a transcript of nearly 300 pages.

All royalties from sales of this book are being donated to Washington State Behind the Badge Foundation.