Finding Strength Podcast 65: Hope after Line of Duty Death – Meg DiBucci

Resource Type: Podcast

In the Finding Strength podcast, Matt Quackenbush, LCSW, leads a new conversation each month with people who share their incredible stories of struggle and triumph.  These stories help listeners learn and grow, providing helpful, concrete tools along the way to overcome all that life throws at them.

In this episode, Meg DiBucci, Behind the Badge Foundation’s Director of Programs and Services, retired Everett Police Officer (27 years) and surviving Fiancee of Officer Brian M DiBucci (Everett Police Department – EOW 07.15.99) shares bits of the very personal story that led her to Serving Those Who Serve ®.  After hearing Meg’s story of putting the obstacles in her path to work for her throughout her life, we encourage you to dive deeper into the Finding Strength podcast for more stories of resilience, triumph and hope.

Explicit Content.