Blue Girt Radio with Eric Tung Ep. 33: How Fitness and Psychological Help Aided Career Recovery: with Officer Deven Kennedy

Resource Type: Podcast
A ten-year veteran of law enforcement in Canada, Deven found himself in a near-fatal incident last year.  A suspect attempted to run him over, and he narrowly escaped, but not without significant physical and mental injury.

Deven credits the physical and psychological treatments and routines he sought and practiced as clear accelerants toward his recovery.  Coupled with his already robust fitness and healthy practices, he has been able to overcome his adversity and help others do the same.

Resilience through Fitness is his company, where he can provide physical training, nutrition coaching, and guidance to help others accomplish their optimal performance.

Eric and Deven discuss Deven’s coming into law enforcement, career development, and the road to recovery and optimized health for him, his team, and others.