Impact of Trauma

Difficulty sleeping Sleeping all the time Shaking Lethargic Feeling cold Feeling flushed Changes in eating habits Difficulty swallowing Shortness of breath Heaviness in chest Sensitivity to noise and light Headache Upset stomach Diarrhea Constipation Crying Pacing Body aches Heart feels…

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So often we forget as a society that there is a price to be paid to ensure our freedoms and protection. Those of us who love our law enforcement partners live with the impacts of that sacrifice.  That impact can…

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Being a Police Spouse Amid Rioting

May 29, 2020 Here we go again…. Police spouses are experienced in the aftermath of a controversial officer-involved controversy. We know what to expect. We have witnessed it many times. History repeats itself and we just wait for the other shoe…

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Resources for Tutors

Resources for College

College Prep: My College Game Plan Parent Map College Advisory Service (Joan Rynearson, Dr. Rynearson’s wife) College Success: US News The Atlantic Cornell University Harvard University

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