Purpose. Perseverance. Peace.

September is National Suicide Awareness month.

The impact of suicide on law enforcement is an important conversation for law enforcement officers and their families.

Officers are exposed to extreme stress on the job and the impact of that stress is accumulative and it can take a toll.

Suicide is not an easy topic to talk about but it is important to have these uncomfortable conversations so we can help dispel the stigma and assure that the message of hope can break through the trauma and isolation of police work.

The Law Enforcement Family Network Flashlight series is committed to putting helpful resources in your hands and this episode on Law Enforcement Suicide is full of vital…maybe even life saving… information.

Chief Jeff Myers starts the conversation about an experience that impacted the Hoquiam Police Department and then Dr. Robert Douglas from the National Police Suicide Foundation offers some special insight into the impact of Suicide on Law Enforcement officers and their families.

Please take a moment and listen.

You are not alone.


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