Malissa Durbin, M.Ed, NCSP, LMHC

Being in the family of a first responder can be complex.  It is an experience that most will not fully understand unless they have walked that road.  For some, it may mean that family life is more complex and consistently changing.  Plans are always in the air, and your spouse or loved one can’t be available when you need them.  But, for others, it may also entail watching a valued one experience countless traumas.  It may mean your partner, spouse, or parent is consistently triggered by workplace stress.   Your loved one may have changed who they are as their career took over their life.  It is not uncommon for first responders to experience hypervigilance, irritability, angry outbursts, sleep disturbances, emotional numbing, and relationship problems due to the repeated traumas they are faced with.  You are not alone, and we know how to walk beside families as they learn new ways to cope with the stressors that life can bring.

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