Julie Collinson, MA, LPC

One of the most difficult professions in our society today, is that of a first responder. Whether you are on the front lines, on the other end of someone experiencing a traumatic event, or compassionately caring for those who have recently experienced a life-changing event, these experiences can have a cumulative effect on our minds and bodies. If left unable to explore these experiences through a safe and supported environment, some may retreat within themselves to protect those around them, some may project their fears and anxieties through outward forms of expression, and some may turn to substances to cope with the negative imagery of these events. First responders are often presumed to be able to handle these challenging events, to continue to push on without implications, or carry the risk of being stigmatized as ill-equipped to handle the job if deep interpersonal emotions are exhibited. In a safe and private setting, you can begin your healing process with a therapist who has compassion and experience working with first responders, and together we will cultivate this process through a trauma-focused and strengths-based approach.

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