November Resource Highlights for the Start of the Holiday Season

Written by Mary Gormandy White for LoveToKnow

For someone who is experiencing their first major holiday without someone they loved deeply, the occasion is anything but merry and bright. Don’t ignore people who are grieving a fresh loss during the holidays, but choose your words carefully. Rather than relying on chipper and upbeat holiday greetings and off-the-shelf cards, let them know you’re thinking about them in a way that demonstrates both empathy and sensitivity. The sayings and poems below can help you do just that.


Someone you love is hurting. It’s the holidays. You want to help. What should you do?

Host Andy Dean is joined by licensed social worker Chrissy Isaac to explore how to be supportive of a friend or loved one who is grieving during this usually festive time of year.



This handbook can help those in mourning through the holiday season. Mourners will work to better understand their complex emotions after reading about such topics as honoring thoughts and feelings, creating new traditions, finding ways to de-stress, and incorporating healing rituals into the holiday season.


The holidays can be a challenging time when you’re in grief. So often, our

friends and relatives don’t understand, and they want us to just get over it.

Join David Kessler as he shares strategies to navigate the holiday season.

All are welcome – whether your loss is new or the holidays are bringing up grief from seasons past.