Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Dr Stephanie Conn, the founder of First Responder Psychology in Beaverton Oregon, and author of the book, “Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel.”  highlights some of the specific benefits of a treatment method called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).

This treatment method is very effective for dealing with significant and accumulative trauma, with the added benefit of having no physiological side effects.

Dr Conn mentions a link in her Flashlight episode and you may find more information about EMDR HERE or another resource HERE



Stress and Relationships

In this timely Flashlight Series Video, Rebecca Grondel, MA gives insight and ideas for maintaining connection with your partner, family or loved ones during times of stress. From the simple moments of who is emptying the dishwasher to bigger tougher moments.



Halloween Safety Tips

Lieutenant Julie Beard from the Redmond Police Department offers families some helpful tips for enjoying a safe Halloween.
Looks like the weather and the moon are going to add to the holiday fun!




In this Flashlight episode brought to you by Behind the Badge Foundation’s Law Enforcement Family Network, Jeremy and Ketryna Wade talk about resilience for officers and their families.

Jeremy is an SPD officer and founder of Fearless Resilience, a training and consulting organization for first responders. During their episode, Jeremy and Ketryna talk about how they try to focus on what they can control, especially during times of stress.


Jeremy mentioned a book by Dr. Carol Deweck titled, MINDSET.

Dr. Dewek writes a great deal about growth mindset. Growth vs. Fixed mindset is an important topic for officers as a way of viewing and managing stress. The information in this article is also helpful during 2020 as a way to navigate the unpredictable. Here is a link to article that covers more information: HERE


Jeremy Wade

Founder/ Lead Training Instructor



Ketryna Wade

Business Manager



You may learn more about Fearless Resilience by visiting their website HERE



Conversations with the “Cop Doc”

Check out the newest Law Enforcement Family Network Flashlight Series YouTube Video

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The Science of Sleep

Dr Stephen James, from WSU School of Nursing and the Sleep and Performance Research Center, has some vital information about the impact of shift work on law enforcement officers.

Sleep deprivation is a health concern and it can influence everything from reaction time to safe driving for police officers. Dr Stephen James offers insight and practical information for coping with the chaos of the first responder schedule.


Dr. Stephen James

WSU School of Nursing

Sleep and Performance Research Center



Sleep Deprivation Article HERE

USA Today Sleep Article HERE

WSU Nursing Article HERE