Law Enforcement Family Network

Our Law Enforcement Family Network Conference is in its 15th year, having started as a means to connect and educate law enforcement families in the aftermath of one of the most deadly times for law enforcement in Washington State in late 2009 and early 2010.

Since the first LEFN Conference, Behind the Badge Foundation has committed to bringing quality speakers and content to enrich LEO families at home and work, with a true understanding that healthy officers have strong, lengthy, honorable careers.   In 2023 , we partnered with Stronger Families, a non-profit organization that provides communication and relationship skills to first responders and their families.

In 2024, Behind the Badge Foundation will be hosting Law Enforcement Family Network Regional Meet-Ups which provide attendees with opportunities to learn from each other and guest speakers. Content will be curated based on feedback from law enforcement families.

Topics Requested Include:

Proactive mental health
Raising children in a law enforcement family
Sleep and heart health
Preparing for retirement

Objectives of LEFN Regional Meet-Ups are networking, collaboration and education.

BtBF has a long-standing reputation for providing quality services and has been trusted by law enforcement officers and agencies across the state.  Trainings offered by BtBF are often advertised or shared via WASPC, WACOPS and CJTC.  CJTC has had a recent policy change and as of this year is requiring non-law enforcement organizations to have a ‘host agency’ for any training opportunities to be shared on the training page of their website.