Incredible News for Officer Wellness

We are living in an unprecedented time, a time of uncertainty and stress for all people, but especially for our law enforcement officers.  Acknowledging this reality, it is incredible news for Behind the Badge Foundation to announce the passage of two pieces of legislation specific to officer wellness which were enacted into law today by Governor Inslee today.  This collaborative work accomplished in the 2020 Legislative Session is vitally important to law enforcement officers across the state of Washington.  SB 6570 and HB 2926 will provide for the further development of programming directly supporting law enforcement officer mental health and wellness, as well as critical incident stress management.    

This important work could not have been accomplished with the support and partnership of the following people and organizations. Please help us in thanking the following: 

The Honorable Jay Inslee, Governor 

SB 6570 – Sponsors  

Concerning law enforcement officer mental health and wellness.  

Prime Sponsor: Sen. Curtis King  

Sen. Rebecca Saldaña  

Sen. Keith Wagoner  

Sen. Liz Lovelett  

Sen. Claire Wilson  

HB 2926 – Sponsors  

Expanding access to critical incident stress management programs.  

Prime Sponsor: Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber  

Rep. Brian Blake  

Rep. Joel Kretz  

Rep. Drew MacEwen  

Rep. Luanne Van Werven  

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker  

Rep. Jenny Graham  

Rep. Larry Hoff  

Rep. Dan Griffey  

Rep. Drew Stokesbary  

Rep. Kelly Chambers  

Rep. Alex Ybarra  

Rep. Tom Dent  

Rep. Andrew Barkis  

Rep. Keith Goehner  

Rep. Bruce Chandler  

Rep. Joel Kraft  

Rep. Roger Goodman  

Rep. John Lovick  

Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self  

Rep. Tana Senn  

Rep. Chris Gildon  

Rep. Mike Sells  

Rep. Matt Boehnke  

Rep. Lauren Davis  

Rep. Norma Smith  

Rep. Mary Dye  

Rep. Tina Orwall  

Rep. Carolyn Eslick  

Rep. Sharon Shewmake  

Rep. Gerry Pollet  

Rep. Marcus Riccelli  

Rep. Paul Harris  

Jennifer Ziegler   

Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS): Teresa Taylor and Jeff DeVere  

Council of Metropolitan Police & Sheriffs (COMPAS) : Renee Maher  

Pat Dunn    

Susan Dunn   

Washington State Patrol Troopers Association (WSPTA)  

Washington State Patrol Captains and Lieutenants Association (WSPLCA)