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You are a law enforcement family…

Your support of your selfless servant knows no bounds. Your family lives a life of service, sacrifice and uncertainty. You need support, understanding and resources to keep your family, your officer and yourself healthy, happy and safe.

Inside this page you’ll find the framework for our Law Enforcement Family Network (LEFN). You’ll discover peer support in the form of other law enforcement families, guidance for navigating relationships in the law enforcement life and resources for a life of wellness and strength. Behind the Badge Foundation developed LEFN in the wake of unprecedented loss in 2009-2010 when families were reeling from loss upon loss. With the inception of the LEFN, a yearly conference was developed to bring families together for learning, connection and support.

You’ll also find quick clicks to a multitude of other networking sources that will help you grow your own support system – for yourself, for your family and for your agency.

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