2022 Donors and Sponsors

With deepest warmth and gratitude we would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge all those that gave to Behind the Badge Foundation in 2022

$1000.00 and Above


Amazon Smile

Anne Thorn Weaver Family Foundation


Apex Foundation

Becky B & Clifford S

Blake & Laura  A

Brandi J

Brett B

Brian & Catherin H

Bruce R. McCaw Family Foundation

Buckley Law Enforcement Association

Carla D

Carmel Ranch Revocable Trust

Carolina Smoke LLC

Cascade Christian Schools

Christian Outreach for Police

Colleen & Danny S

David & Janice H

Director’s Mortgage

Douglas & Jacque S

Everett Police Officers Association

Facebook Fundraisers

Greg & Tracy B

Immaculate Conception Icolph School

Canterwood Golf & Country Club


Jayme Biendl Memorial 5k Walk/Run

Jeffery B

John Bernard Annual Golf Tournament

Kari & David B

Keith & Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation

Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild

Laura W

Megan & PeggyAnn B

Mike & Michelle D

Olea M

Our Thin Lines Unvarnished

Pacific Barrel Horse Association

Rafael S

Rebecca B & Laird H

Russ & Tricia S

Sharon M

Sherry  P

Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Starbucks Foundation

Steven D

Storage Court Monroe

Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers

The Duvall Barber Shop

The Rocha Family

Thomas T & Jeanene L

Thurston County Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation

Timothy H

Todd & Donna Rosenberg Foundation

Zetron Golf Tournament

$500.00 to $1000.00


Bhalchandra P

Brent J

Brian & Amanda C

Carmen T

Damon L

David G

Dr Clawson Leadership Award

Duvall Barber Shop

FBI National Academy Association

Holly M

Holly C

Joseph N

Katherine & Michael E

Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild

Mary H

Megan D

Melody Claire T

Michelle C

Pamela P

Raney W


Reynald C

Stewart Title Foundation

Strides for Causes Horse Show

Susan & Patrick D

Tiffany D

Tracie A

Vine Coffee

Vladimir L

$100.00 to $500.00


Adam A

Al C

Allen M

Anne C

Annie C. E

Carol S

Carolyn V

Cheryl  J

Cheryl  J

Cheryl  V

Chris & Nancy M

Constance M

Craig S

David & Tracy S

Dawn M

Director’s Mortgage

Drew F

Edward S

Elise D

Elizabeth & Jeff G

Elizabeth D

Goodrow Fencing

Gordon P

Gordon T

Heather S

Herbert S

Howard & Ruthie T


Jarrett  L

Jeff O

Jeri & Neal H

Jill H

Jim & Holly J

Jonard L

Justin W

Kang M. N

Karen C

Kathleen T & George S

Kathy & Bob L

Kayoko K

Kirsten L

Linda L

Linda S

Link Trailer Sales

Link A

Malissa B

Mariann & Harold O

Marilyn B

Marsha A

Mary Ann W

Melody Tucker & Associates

Michael M

Michelle L

Milo M

Myrle C

Navin N

Nick B

North Coast Credit Union

Peter G

Randy K

Randy  Y

Renee  L

Retired Seattle PD Officers Association

Robert C

Roberta V

Sandy T

Sergey S

Stephanie B

Steven B

Steven K

Tim R

Torhil R

Tracey O

Wendy P

William G

ye and brain.

Up to $100.00 


Arline F

Cassandra L-G

Claudia C

Clint K

Colleen R & Mark M

Dain W

Edward S

Glenna B

Guy M

Ian C

Isabella C

James & Linda L

James  Y

Jan M

Janice  C

Jeffery B

Jeffery H

Jenna C

Jennifer O

Jennifer R

John Q

Jordon A

Kathleen P

Kathy N

Kelly V

Kelsie M

Kim D

Lani B

Mary Lou A

Merrilee & James M

Michelle R

Ping Q

Purpose Roasters

Reid W

Richard C

Richard R

Richard S

Samuel C

Sandra B

Sandra V

Sara W

Scott H

Sheila K

Spokane Rotary

Steve B

Steve B

Thomas K

Victor B


Have Questions or notice that your name is missing? Please contact the office at info@nullBehindtheBadgeFoundation.org