Finding Our Tribe

2020 has been a year that has put many things we take for granted to the test. To keep ourselves safe, we have practiced social distancing and limited the time… Read More

In this together….

Detective Carrie McNally from the Seattle Police Department shares about women in law enforcement and the changes she has seen over the course of her career. Carrie’s passion for law… Read More

Purpose. Perseverance. Peace.

September is National Suicide Awareness month. The impact of suicide on law enforcement is an important conversation for law enforcement officers and their families. Officers are exposed to extreme stress… Read More

4-7-8 Breathing

Chris and Lacy Wolff are back for another episode of the Behind the Badge Foundation LEFN Flashlight series. Chris and Lacy are wellness trainers for first responders and in the… Read More

Energy Management

In this Flashlight episode brought to you by Behind the Badge Foundation’s Law Enforcement Family Network, Chris and Lacy Wolff talk conserving energy, a topic that is very important for… Read More

Beauty in the muck…

Gayle Frink-Schulz, Program Director for Behind the Badge Foundation and a police widow shares about the importance of finding space for healing and for growth. She shares insights she learned… Read More

WELCOME to the Flashlight Series

Sparking Conversations.... Brian Johnston, Executive Director of Behind the Badge Foundation, provides details about the upcoming Law  Enforcement Network Flashlight Series.  Upcoming topics include: energy management, stress reduction, sleep issues… Read More

Maya Angelou on Mothers

“I think of mother often,” Maya Angelou told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer. “I think of myself as mother. I think of men as mother—some men. My son has mothered his… Read More