Behind the Badge lends support to Colorado

There is an organization here in Washington that has been assisting the law enforcement community in Colorado during a particularly difficult month.

Behind the Badge, an organization supporting families and law enforcement that have lost someone in the line of duty, has spent the last month helping out in Colorado.

The Issaquah-based organization is preparing to respond to the shooting death of El Paso County Deputy Micah Flick.

“It’s really sad they’ve had three line of duty deaths in less than a month’s time. It’s just horrible,” said Vicky Stormo, the interim executive director that helps coordinate line of duty response teams.

“A group of volunteers to come forward they have different skill sets to help put the memorial together, work with the families as they go through grief, and work with law enforcement as they go through grief,” said Stormo.

Over the last month and a half, they’ve been helping out in Colorado.

“[Behind the Badge] helped them through the first one. We were consulting with them on the second one and we’re available to help them with the third one.”

Stormo says the work is necessary but tough.

“When you have a line of duty death response team you’re mourning yourself so the team is also exhausted.”

For Stormo showing up is not just about being there those in your backyard

“We’re a law enforcement community across the nation. It’s not just in each state or not just in a small community, there are impacts across the nation as well,” she said.

Author: Jenna Hanchard
King 5 News