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Sizemore, County Game Warden Lewis A.

End of Watch: 
Tuesday, October 18, 1927
Stevens County S.O.

On Sunday, October 16, 1927, at about 1500 hours, Game Warden Louis Sizemore was found next to his patrol car with a gunshot wound through his mouth.  He was found by two citizens while his car was parked in the underbrush, about fifteen miles northeast of Chewelah.  The patrol car was running and a portion of doe deer was in the backseat.

Sizemore was quoted as saying, “They shot a doe but I got them,” over and over.  His .22 caliber, single-shot rifle was located on the other side of the patrol car.

Game Warden Sizemore was transported to a hospital in Colville, but he never regained consciousness and died on October 18, 1927.

No suspects were ever identified and the case remains unsolved.

Game Warden Sizemore was survived by his wife, daughter, and mother.