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Scott, Deputy Robert C.

End of Watch: 
Sunday, April 4, 1920
King County S.O.

On Sunday, April 4, 1920, King County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Scott was shot and killed along Rainier Avenue in Seattle at Cloverdale Station.

On the night of April 3, 1920, two suspects, Elmer Cady and Albert Guettel, set up a roadblock on Maple Valley Road, about 1 ½ miles east of Renton using their car.  They were masked and robbed at least five different carloads of people at gunpoint.   They drove towards Seattle where they set up a similar road block at Cloverdale Station.

A citizen named Earl Eba noticed that his stolen car was being driven by two unknown men on Rainier Avenue.  He and a companion, A.J. Smith, gave chase, but found the car in a ditch further up the road.  They then encountered Cady and Guettel who were in another car now and robbing three other people.

The masked suspects confronted Eba and tried to rob him as a car with five King County deputies drove up.  Press reports say that the deputies fired first and the suspects shot back.  Deputy Scott was in the front passenger seat of the patrol car and was shot in the head.  He died at the scene.

Cady and Guettel used the hostages as human shields during the shootout with the deputies.  One shot disabled the patrol car.

The suspects ordered Eba and Smith to drive them into Seattle.  As they drove towards the city, they heard a single gunshot after the suspects began to argue.  Guettel shot Cady.  Now in the city, Guettel told Eba and Smith to drop Cady off at a hospital near 1st and Pike.  Cady was deceased in the back of the car and Guettel fled.

“I have instructed my deputies to shoot to kill,” said King County Sheriff John Stringer, speaking about the search for Guettel.  “The robberies outside the city limits in recent months have almost equaled those inside the city.”

Two men were picked up in Portland who were believed to be Guettel, but they were later released.