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Bolon, Agent Andrew J.

End of Watch: 
Tuesday, September 25, 1855
Walla Walla
Bureau of Indian Affairs

Agent Andrew Bolon was stabbed to death after being attacked by several Indians in Washington state (modern day Klickitat County, Washington, about nine miles north of Goldendale). He had gone to investigate possible murders when he encountered a group of Indians in Yakama Valley. As he began to ride with them one of the Indians told the Chief that Agent Bolon was responsible for the hangings of several tribe members. The Indians were speaking in their native language and Bolon could not understand what they were saying. After the Indians stopped, they started a fire and as Bolon warmed his hands, they attacked him and slit his throat. His body was never recovered. Many of the attackers were later shot and killed by soldiers. This incident, among others, led to the conflict known as the Puget Sound Wars or Yakama Wars of 1855-56. Agent Bolon had served with the agency for two years. He was survived by his expectant wife, daughter, sister, and brother.